Pelican Bay Resort Announces Latest Upgrades

After spending $4 million to renovate 48 suites, Pelican Bay Resort held a reception at the hotel on Friday to allow specially invited guests to tour the rooms.

Minister for Tourism, Investment and Aviation, Chester Cooper, and Minister for Grand Bahamas, Ginger Moxey, attended.

“With the completion of these renovations, 75% of the rooms are [were] Pelican Bay General Manager Magnus Arnebek said:

“The rooms have been renovated from top to bottom with all new appliances, furniture, etc. and almost all are already in use.”

183 units in a detached luxury boutique hotel facing the canal.

Pelican Bay was acquired by Wundt AS, a private equity firm based in Norway, and Alnebeck was appointed GM in March 2005.

Arnebek said the resort has weathered many storms and remains open for business.

“We are not closing Pelican Bay,” he said. “We have remained open through Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Dorian, and have remained open during COVID. I’m here.

“That’s how we do it, and we’re very proud of the reputation we’ve earned.”

Alnebeck said the property’s survival is due to the support of the Grand Bahamas community and the wider Bahamian population.

“Without you, this place would be closed, so we are grateful to you,” he said.

Alnebeck thanked Cooper for his support and encouraged him to see how quickly he could sell and operate a nearby property (the Grand Lucayan hotel).

“We need to open it,” Arnebek said.

A deal between the government and Elektra American Hospitality Group for the purchase of Grand Lucayan fell through last year. The government is now looking for another buyer for the property.

“We are working diligently to ensure that we have the right partners for our neighborhood hotels,” Cooper told guests.

“However, Magnus, I understand that you have refurbished 48 suites, 24 of which will be extended stays.

“This is good news because we want to relaunch Grand Bahama as a revolutionary product and attract ‘techies’ to the island who may decide to live there for months at a time.

“We hope to begin this process when we visit Canada next week to discuss tech tourism. We hope Pelican Bay will benefit greatly from these extended stays.”

Cooper said the Pelican Bay renovation shows management’s confidence in Grand Bahama’s economy.

“I want you to know that officials at the Ministry of Tourism are also optimistic,” he said.

“Today is a proud day for Grand Bahama and Pelican Bay. You are raising the bar and we want to thank you for doing just that.”

Cooper congratulated the Arnebec and Pelican Bay teams and pledged the Department of Tourism’s continued support.

Carmel Churchill, co-owner of Donker Hospitality Management Services, said Pelican Bay’s refurbished suites are an added feature to the island’s room occupancy.

“We are excited [by] All the motivation, focus and attention given to Grand Bahama at this time,” Churchill said.

“Pelican Bay lives up to its name as the ‘Happy Hotel’ of Grand Bahamas. They don’t just talk, they do it. That’s good. “

Churchill added, “Grand Bahama was the focus of this mission after a very strong promotional season across the United States and Europe, along with the Ministry of Tourism, Investment and Aviation.”

She believes the opening of Pelican Bay is a “great follow-up message” to the travel community.

“Grand Bahama is open not only to business, but to new things,” Churchill said.

“I encourage those who have been on the sidelines to come and enjoy what Grand Bahama has to offer, because if you look closely, we look fine.” Pelican Bay Resort Announces Latest Upgrades

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