Pensioners seeking permanent and higher annual benefits

Ljubljana – The Pensioners Trade Union has proposed the introduction of a permanent and uniform annual allowance for pensioners to replace the current bonuses set annually as part of a separate budget law. did. The union is proposing €625 for all pensioners in 2023, significantly more than before. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare rejected the proposal.

Union president Franka Chetkovic said Wednesday that bonuses this year are intended to be paid in the range of 140 euros to 450 euros, as the government is expected to soon adopt supplementary budgets for 2022 and 2023. he pointed out to the press.

She argued that the gradual nature of the amount had turned the annual bonus into a form of welfare, and spoke of complaints among pensioners that it was well below the workers’ holiday allowance, which was €1,074 this year. did.

Many are also hurting as they fall into the lower bracket because of the single euro differential, the unionists added.

The union is proposing setting the allowance at 80% of the average pension. has an average pension of €781, which means an annual allowance of €625 for all beneficiaries,” she said.

Noting that almost 25% of pensioners received less than €600 in July, Chetkovic called for solidarity and a flat sum.

The measure, estimated at €380 million, has already been rejected by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity, which it says is a “regressive and unfair measure”, but it does not apply to people with low pensions. agree that should receive a higher bonus.

While acknowledging that the main problem with the Slovenian pension system in recent times has been too low pensions, pensioners are vulnerable to being targeted for aid measures during the coronavirus epidemic and the current cost of living crisis, the ministry said. said to have been included in a group of

He further emphasized the financial feasibility, broad political and social consensus regarding pension funds, and the need to avoid partial solutions dealing only with individual segments of the system.

“But we are also committed to fair burden redistribution and fair pension benefits. The ministry added. Pensioners seeking permanent and higher annual benefits

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