Pentagon chief speaks with Russian responders for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called for an immediate stop in Ukraine when he called Sergei Shoigu in Russia for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Pentagon said.

Austin has tried many times to talk with Shoigu since the invasion began almost three months ago, but officials said Moscow seemed indifferent.

In a statement, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby emphasized the importance of maintaining communication lines for Austin.

U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the call requested by Austin lasted about an hour, but did not solve a particular problem or directly change what Russians are doing in Ukraine. Said that.

Officials described the tone of the phone as “professional.”

Russia’s Tass news agency said the Russian Defense Ministry said there was a “American-led” call.

“The issues of international security topics, including the situation in Ukraine, were discussed,” TASS quoted the ministry.

The United States and Russia have set up hotlines to prevent miscalculations and the spread of conflict since the invasion that Moscow calls a “special military operation.”

The “Conflict Resolution” hotline is an open telephone line based at the headquarters of the Eurocorps and is under the jurisdiction of General Todd Walters of the Air Force, who leads all US troops in Europe.

Since the beginning of the war, the United States has sent about $ 3.8 billion in weapons, and earlier this week the US House of Representatives approved more than $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine. The Senate has not yet approved aid.

The war killed thousands of civilians, expelled millions from their homes, and turned cities into rubble. Moscow rarely shows it beyond the territory of the South and the slight interests of eastern Ukraine, including the Donbus region.

According to a Ukrainian military video shown by Ukrainian troops on Friday, part of the Russian armor pillar was destroyed when Russian troops tried to cross the river of Donbus. Pentagon chief speaks with Russian responders for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine

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