Pentagon, Ukrainian military biolab involved US company, Russia says

Moscow, May 3: Alexandre Bastrickin, chairman of the Russian Investigation Commission, said his team is conducting a criminal investigation into a biological weapons program allegedly funded by the Ukrainian Pentagon.

“Analysis of the documents obtained was able to clearly identify those involved in Ukrainian military biological activities, including Pentagon representatives and U.S. companies associated with the Pentagon,” RT. Reported. Russia-Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin may officially declare a war with Ukraine by May 9, US and Western officials say.

Bastrikin said the United States has spent more than $ 224 million on Ukrainian biological programs since 2005 and from abroad to equip and upgrade about 30 research centers managed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Health and Agriculture. He added that his assistance was used.

“The results of this study were evacuating to Kieu-controlled territory before the start of the (Russian) special military operation,” he said, adding that his agency would continue to study documents on this issue. ..

In March, Moscow claimed to have found evidence that the United States had funded biological weapons research in Ukraine. Washington and Kieu denied the allegations and accused Russia of conducting a disinformation campaign, RT reported.

At the time, senior US diplomat Victoria Nuland said Washington was working with Ukraine to prevent research materials from falling into the hands of Russian troops.

Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian urged the United States to “completely explain biological military activities at home and abroad and be subject to multilateral verification.”

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