Petkov: We believe in the need for dialogue with

Bulgarian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova (left) and Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov (right)

“”Relationship between Bulgaria And the Russian Federation is long-term and multi-layered, and historically it is very important to our destiny. We respect the Russian people and value cultural, historical, social, trade and economic ties.Therefore, the presence of Bulgaria in our embassy Russia Only 12 people, Russian Embassy Bulgaria According to a decision made yesterday by the Bulgarian government, there is an opportunity to retain 43 employees“This was stated in a statement by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

“”We believe in the need for dialogue where diplomatic channels are very important. We are confident that the relationship between Bulgaria and Russia will continue to develop in areas of mutual interest, respecting the values ​​that are important to each country.Therefore, we rely on the Embassy of the Russian Federation to withdraw the memo submitted today.“He added.

“”For the past and the future, we must be able to move forward with mutual respect for the national interests, security and sovereignty of both countries.,” He said.

It was revealed before Russia intend to do Break diplomatic relations With Bulgaria. This was reported to BGNES by the Russian Embassy.

Foreign Minister Theodora Genchovska or a representative of her team came to the Bulgarian Parliament, Bulgaria When Russia Following the expulsion of 70 employees of the Russian Embassy.

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/ Nova Petkov: We believe in the need for dialogue with

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