Petrol prices up to 1.77 euros – Japanese

(ANSA) – ROME, Aug 26 – Gasoline and diesel prices have risen again in Italy amid the energy emergency linked to the war in Ukraine, Energy Daily said on Friday.

The average price of self-service petrol rose from 1.7666 to 1.770 per litre.

Prices fluctuated between 1.756 and 1.781 suppliers, it said.

Self-service diesel has increased from €1.787 to €1.802 per liter.

It ranged from €1.797 to €1.810.

For petrol with pump service, the average price rose from €1.918 to €1.920 per liter.

Vehicle fuel (gasoline and diesel) consumption in July, the first autumn since February 2021, fell by 2.1%, or 76,000 tonnes, from last month.

It decreased by 1.1% from July 2019 to 33,000 tonnes.

Alliance leader Matteo Salvini said Friday that the government must act quickly to help Italian homes and businesses hit by record gas and electricity prices amid the Ukrainian war. said no.

Gas and electricity must be rationed unless energy prices fall, nationalist leaders said. (ANSA).

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