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Pfizer Launches Innovative Digital Platform IUdo for Eligible Patients in Qatar

Pfizer remains steadfast in its commitment to improving patient health and presenting breakthroughs that can transform their lives. As part of that commitment, biopharmaceutical companies continue to prioritize affordability and improving overall access to medicines through patient support programs.

Pfizer has launched an innovative digital platform, IUdo, for eligible patients in Qatar. The mobile app is designed to give patients in select patient support programs easy access to Pfizer medicines. Improve the experience for both patients and healthcare professionals by expediting program enrollment. Provides seamless access to support treatment plans. Extend the scale and reach of your program to your patients and let them manage their support program journey directly from their phone.

The launch of the IUdo app also underscores Pfizer’s broader ambition to leverage digital platforms and technology to bring effective, scalable solutions, including support programs, into the hands of patients. Such platforms can help improve the quality and convenience of care, reduce the burden of ongoing, high-cost care, and better meet the specific needs of patients.

“At Pfizer, our purpose is to strengthen health systems, improve access to patients who need it most, and support our communities. The launch of this app in Qatar puts Pfizer at the forefront of digital innovation in the pharmaceutical healthcare sector, especially in the Gulf countries. But most importantly, we believe this tool will help bridge the gaps in the patient journey, said Parmjot Bains, Pfizer Gulf Cluster Country Manager.

The IUdo app is currently available to eligible patients who are part of the Pfizer Patient Support Program in Qatar, and will be rolled out to other countries in emerging markets in the coming months.

Today, Pfizer supports 4,500 patients suffering from a variety of oncology, inflammatory and rare diseases through 30 access programs in 11 countries in Africa and the Middle East (AfME). In 2022, Pfizer will expand the reach of several current programs to include new therapies, with the aim of supporting the lives of more than 10,000 patients across AfME, plus five more. We aim to launch a new program for Pfizer also operates several personalized support programs around the world that provide patients with access to Pfizer medicines along with financial support options.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/725367/Pfizer-launches-an-innovative-digital-platform-IUd Pfizer Launches Innovative Digital Platform IUdo for Eligible Patients in Qatar

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