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Pfizer nods from EU regulators of Covid drug Paxlovid

Pfizer’s Covid-19 pill, backed by European Union drug regulators, provides tools to manage coronavirus infections at home and reduce hospital burden.

A panel of experts from the European Medicines Agency recommended that adults with Covid at risk of developing a serious illness be given conditional marketing approval for an antiviral drug called Paxlovid. Authorities had already stated in December that the treatment could be used by adults prior to formal approval.

The outlook for tablets that can be taken at home with the first signs of symptoms gives an optimistic view of the pandemic course, especially in the evidence that Omicron variants cause less severe illnesses.

Paxlovid works by binding to enzymes and blocking viral replication, reducing hospitalization and death in high-risk patients by 89% in a study of 1,219 unvaccinated individuals.

Since then, Pfizer has stated that laboratory tests have shown that treatment is effective against Omicron variants.

UK regulators approved Paxlovid at the end of last year, and the drug has also been granted an emergency use authorization in the United States.

https://gulfbusiness.com/pfizer-gets-nod-from-eu-regulator-for-covid-drug-paxlovid/ Pfizer nods from EU regulators of Covid drug Paxlovid

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