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PGS Nets 4D Survey Gig in the Gulf of Mexico

January 31, 2022


Norwegian marine seismic exploration company PGS said on Monday that it had won a contract for 4D exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

PGS said it will use Ramform Titan class vessels for the project. The survey will begin in late February and will begin in late March.

The seismic surveyor did not say who the client was.

Rune Olav Pedersen, President and CEO of PGS: “I am very pleased with this 4D contract award in the Gulf of Mexico, USA.
Historically it was a multi-client market. The Ramform acquisition platform and superior multi-sensor GeoStreamer technology provide clients with high quality 4D seismic data. “

According to website data, PGS has so far used GeoStreamer technology to capture over 30,000 square kilometers of 4D data.

In a time-lapse 3D (ie, 4D) project, 3D seismic exploration is repeated in a reservoir during production to identify changes in the physical state of the reservoir due to production. Such time-lapse surveys are used not only to optimize producer and injection well placement plans, but also to monitor topsoil to detect geomechanical changes associated with consolidation effects, PGS. Website information shows.

Earthquake market

In the latest information last week, PGS said the recovery of the seismic market in 2021 was slower than expected, but demand for seismic services should increase in 2022.

“PGS expects global energy consumption to continue to increase over the long term, and as the global energy transition progresses, oil and gas will continue to be an important part of the energy mix. Offshore reserves Essential to support future energy supply and demand for offshore seismic services. The market is recovering slowly and is expected to continue its positive trend in 2022 due to increased investment between energy companies. The seismic acquisition market may also benefit from poor ship supply in the international market. It is expected to increase in 2022. Demand for seismic acquisition services related to carbon capture and storage projects. ” ..

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493898-pgs-nets-4d-survey-gig-in-gulf-of-mexico PGS Nets 4D Survey Gig in the Gulf of Mexico

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