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Phase 1 of Al-Zour Refinery Begins Commercial Operation

Kuwait: Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) on Sunday announced the start of commercial operation of the first phase of the Al-Zour refinery project. In a statement to KUNA, acting CEO of KIPIC Waleed Al-Bader said the operation was an important historical event and considered a pillar of the country’s development plan. To limit emissions of polluting gases and improve air quality, it will provide high-quality, environmental-grade fuels that meet the region’s energy needs, Bader added.

He indicated that it is a key outlet for disposing of Kuwait’s heavy oil and offers other refined products for export to global markets with standard specifications. He commended the national expertise and the extraordinary role of Kuwaiti youth who qualified according to the highest professional level in leading and implementing the operations of the Al-Zour refinery. Bader expressed gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts made to achieve this national achievement.

Khaled Al-Awadhi, senior vice president of Al-Zour Refinery, told KUNA that the refinery’s first phase operation will boost national economic growth, increase state fiscal revenues, He said it would provide more job opportunities. Despite the challenges faced by the project, in reference to the coronavirus pandemic, KIPIC prepared the project according to the highest international standards and specifications, met all operational needs and complied with all environmental requirements.

On May 11, KIPIC conducted its first crude distillation unit commissioning, refined 2.5 million barrels of crude oil, and secured a major inventory of petroleum derivatives that contributed to the smooth operation of the remaining units, he said. It pointed out. Awadhi commended the efforts of KIPIC’s employees, its operations and maintenance groups, technical and engineering his services, as well as the health, safety, environmental, security and firefighting teams. He said that in the operational planning of the refinery he said that the human element is of the utmost importance to KIPIC, so that senior management should seek the best training programs to ensure that workers are qualified with the highest level of professional competence. was keen to provide

Meanwhile, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation’s board of directors on Sunday named Ahmed Al-Aidan as CEO of Kuwait Oil Company and Wada Al-Khatib as CEO of Kuwait National Oil Company. announced the decision to appoint Waleed Al-Bader was appointed CEO of KIPIC, Nadia Al-Hajji CEO of Petrochemical Industries Company and Mohammed Al-Himer CEO of Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, according to the statement.

Shafi Al-Ajmi as CEO of Kuwait Petroleum International, Khalid Al-Otaibi as CEO of Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, Sheikh Khaled Ahmad Al-Sabah as Managing Director of Global Marketing at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Acting CEO of Kuwait Oil Tanker Company appointed. The decision included the appointment of Hisham Al-Rifai as KPC’s Managing Director of Human Resources and Bader Al-Attar as KPC’s Managing Director of Planning and Finance.

The CEO of KPC Sheikh Nawaf Al-Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah has full confidence in the new oil leader’s ability to turn the company’s vision into a tangible reality and achieve its desired goals, according to a statement. expressed that Development of the Kuwaiti sector. Sheikh Nawaf praised the key role played by former oil leaders and the fundamental imprint they left in contributing to the development and success of Kuwait’s oil sector. – Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/first-phase-of-al-zour-refinery-begins-commercial-operations/ Phase 1 of Al-Zour Refinery Begins Commercial Operation

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