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PHCC cancels doctor’s vacation as the number of COVIDs increases in Qatar-Doha News

Concerns about a third COVID wave are rising as Qatar’s health authorities cancel doctors and health care workers holidays.

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) sent a circular on Tuesday to cancel all current and future vacations in several categories of employees.

According to the statement, the decision will be affected by nurses, laboratory workers, radiologists, pharmacists, and workers in facilities that are directly involved in the treatment or treatment of COVID-19 cases.

This decision is made in the face of a significant increase in Covid-19 cases among residents and visitors, especially after the spread of the latest Omicron variants.

The PHCC decision is seen as a means of containing the virus epidemic and ensuring that there are enough doctors and nurses to treat people in the event of a large wave of infection in Qatar. I am.

Among social media users, the Gulf countries are already in the midst of a third wave, and Qatar is associated with the hosting of the “Arab Cup 2021”, which attracted large numbers of people both in the stadium and on public transport. Many believe that the numbers are skyrocketing. The fact that football fans had to present a negative PCR test and their Ehteraz to enter the stadium may have reduced the scale of the current outbreak, but experts say the virus has spread. Did not completely rule out the possibility of.

The Arab Cup attracted more than 700,000 spectators, with a significant number of spectators flying from abroad. A significant number of spectators under the age of 12 mean they had not been vaccinated. Doha has also hosted several other social events over the past two months, including international food festivals, air balloon festivals, live concerts, and National Foundation Day celebrations.

Qatar’s health authorities said earlier this month that the increase in infection rates was due to “people’s negligence” that gave up the Covid-19 measures set by the authorities, despite the role these gatherings played in the spread of the virus. Said it was a thing.

“You cancel your vacation and reduce your salary, no thanks.”

“In the end, for some and others, there are no vacations or bonuses. The stadium was opened for the Arab Cup and Corona was ignored. Give me a bonus first.”

Some social media users have expressed opposition to both the message from the Ministry of Health and this latest decision to cancel medical staff holidays.

The belief among many that doctors and nurses are at the forefront of the fight against COVID, but are not rewarded accordingly and are forced to cancel their vacations. there is.

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