Phone scams target online shoppers, according to CIB

  • Yao Yuehan, Jason Pang / Staff Reporters

Customers at many online shopping sites are at risk of fraud, with thousands of people being targeted by phone scams after making online purchases, Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) officials said Monday. Stated.

According to bureau data, in the second quarter of this year, there were 2,725 reported fraud cases related to Taiwan’s leading online bookstore, ​​while the Taiwanese website of French sporting goods retailer Decathlon Group 477 fraud reports were filed in connection with

CIB officials have asked the e-commerce sites to increase security to protect customers’ personal information and said the agency is investigating the fraud case.

Eslite online bookstore customers reported 252 fraud cases during the same period, 163 from users and 119 from Singapore e-commerce site Shopee.

“In nearly every case, the customer received a phone call from someone claiming to be the company’s customer service staff,” said CIB. “Various scams work by getting people to ‘resend’ payments or make new transactions. ”

Scammers usually say that there was a transaction error, that there was an error in setting up the installment plan, or that the company is offering VIP upgrades or free gifts.

Others try to convince targets to purchase loyalty cards at convenience stores, online banking services, and mobile apps.

Investigators say the scammers get customer information from the e-commerce company’s database. This database is often maintained by a third-party information technology company and shows the customer’s online shopping history and payment methods.

To identify the source of leaked or hacked customer information and notify businesses, the department checks weekly to see which businesses report the most cases and asks businesses to assess their security and identify the data leaked. He added that he would provide a form to explain the details of.

Requiring online shopping sites to prominently post on their websites the possibility of telephone fraud, post a list of legitimate customer service phone numbers and hours of operation, and send text messages warning customers; The company says it is looking for

The agency also regularly announces the e-commerce sites with the most known fraud cases, officials said.

Be wary of phone numbers that start with +2 or +886, these are known to be used by scammers.

Also, beware of callers discussing double spends, ATM payment cancellations, VIP upgrades, and similar topics. If you suspect fraud, you should hang up immediately and report the call to her CIB at Fraud Prevention Hotline 165.

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