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On Thursday, June 30, JSC Pasažieruvilciens reported that two guarded freight trucks from the Ostrava manufacturing plant delivered the remaining two of the four new passenger cars on the new train.

Last week, rolling parts, roof parts, and the first two cars arrived at Riga. This provided Latvia with the first full-fledged train. The train ran from the Czech Republic via Poland and Lithuania to Latvia using a freight truck.

Currently, the train is assembled locally and is preparing for the first live test starting in August.

JSCPasažie ruvilciens will accept all 32 trains by the end of 2023.

Each train consists of 4 cars. The length of one train is 109m. Each has a total of 436 passenger seats. The train will be level with the passenger platform, making it easier for everyone to board and reducing the time it takes to stop. Widening the door also helps speed up the process.

The new train features air conditioning, ergonomic seating and other modern conveniences. It also features a modern video and audio notification system and high speed Wi-Fi connectivity.

Trains run more smoothly and are less noisy than current trains. Construction speeds for new trains reach 160 km / h (120 km / h for current trains).

When a new train is supplied, it will be possible to introduce an interval schedule for all routes used by the new train. This means that trains run every 15-20 minutes on weekday mornings and evenings, which is traditionally the most active time. The new train will be used to fill the route in the direction of Aizkraukle, Tukums, Skulte and Jelgava.

The total cost of the project is € 257.88 million. Twenty-three new trains can be procured thanks to a total of € 114.21 million worth of cofinancing from the European Union Cohesion Fund. Photo | Latvia receives the first new train-BalticNewsNetwork

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