Photographer Spencer Tunick brings the latest nude photography project to Mexico

Fifteen years after filming about 18,000 naked people in Mexico City’s central square, US photographer Spencer Tunick has virtually returned to the capital this week to complete the pandemic project “Stay Apart Together.”

Although he is internationally known for his massive nude shoots, Tunick’s latest Mexico City project was a more intimate relationship.

Through Zoom, a 55-year-old photographer oversaw a two-day shoot of about 50 rustic subjects gathered at a cultural center in the heart of Juarez. Creative producer Alonso Gorozpe coordinated the project in the field.

More than half of the approximately 300 participants who were interested in attending the sessions held on Monday and Tuesday showed that they participated in the 2007 Tunick shoot. zócalo, As the central square of the capital is known.

According to the newspaper La JornadaOne of the most striking scenes directed by Tanick from his home in New York was that participants ran out of cultural centers with open laptops in their hands. According to the newspaper, they took off their face masks in an “act of liberation” when they went out.

The purpose of the filming in Mexico City and part of it, the “Stay Apart Together” project, is to record human reactions to the coronavirus pandemic, including the ability of people to adapt to new experiences such as forced quarantine. ..

Tunick has completed about 50 virtual photography sessions on the project, with participants taking part in shoots from locations around the world.

The shoot in Mexico City was the first shoot the participants took with them, not at home. Images and footage taken in the last two days may be featured in a documentary about an ongoing project.

In addition to him zócalo Shooting, Tunick shot nude subjects in San Miguel de Allende and Tulum.He caught 100 women wearing only marigold garlands In the colonial city of Guanajuato in 2014 20 undressed people standing on their heads In the same city in 2016.

During the 2018 Tulum vacation, Tunick has a large amount Sargassum Take a photo on the beach About 25 naked people They crouched over a mass of seaweed.

The photographer said after his 2007 zócalo Shoot that “Mexicans are very open-minded” about exposing everything for the camera. He told the people who took part in this week’s shoot that he would like to return to Mexico to work as long as there are projects worth working on.

In the report from La Jornada Photographer Spencer Tunick brings the latest nude photography project to Mexico

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