PHOTOS, VIDEO: Hungary could beat Germany to win UEFA Nations League

Marco Rossi, the head coach of the Hungarian football team, said before the game that it would be an anomaly to beat three-time world champions Germany. Thanks to this victory, Hungary could win his UEFA Nations League next spring. Click here for details.

Miracle victory for Germany

according to, the German hotel owner, a journalist reporting on the match, said the National Elves are made up of world-class players. But as a team, they’re not that good. However, everyone expected Hungary’s defeat at Leipzig today, even though Hungary drew with Germany in Budapest in her July.

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Marco Rossi, head coach of the Hungarian national team, said it was impossible for people to expect victory. However, he added that he will do his best to make the Hungarian fans proud. Check out the photo below to see how they marched to the stadium after arriving in Leipzig.

Protagonist Sarai

The Hungarian goal was scored by midfielder Adam Saray in the 18th minute. Salai announced on Monday that the next UEFA Nations League game against Italy on 26 September will be his last as a member of the national team. No one wants to say goodbye to the fans and the team more than to score the winning goal in his last game. Szalai’s goals are to:

A Hungarian victory could mean a lot. Italy beat England, so Hungary will need to beat Italy next Monday to secure a place in the UEFA Nations League final. But a Hungarian football team could win an international football tournament next spring after decades of embarrassing failures.
Moreover, Hungary are already certain to remain in the A Division for the next UEFA Nations League tournament. Here are photos of the match: PHOTOS, VIDEO: Hungary could beat Germany to win UEFA Nations League

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