PHOTOS, VIDEOS: Pro-Russian demonstrations in Budapest had a surprising turnout

“Peace with Russia!” was the motto of the pro-Russia demonstrations in Budapest’s popular Nyugaty Square. “Stop the war! Down with inflation!”, followed by other banners. Here are some pictures and what the speaker said at the Red Tent and Russian Flag Company.

The main organizer of the event was the so-called Hungarian Workers’ Party, the successor party to the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party that ruled Hungary during the Cold War. Party leader Jura Thürmer said they were fed up with war, expensive bread and fuel, and that the government was deceiving the public. written by

There weren’t too many people in his audience, perhaps due to the lack of interest in such a cause and the freezing temperatures. Many Hungarians disagree with Western policies regarding Ukraine or Russia, but pro-Russian demonstrations in the center of Budapest seem like too much for most of them.

Here is the video:

Thürmer said the Workers’ Party wants peace, while the Liberal Party (DK, Momentum) wants war. He also acknowledged the so-called “security” that Russia needs. Thürmer added that in the case of Zelensky’s victory, the fate that awaited the Hungarians in Transcarpathia would be merciless. On the other hand, he stressed that no one should be afraid of Russia because Moscow will not attack Hungary. Thürmer wants to bring back all his NATO soldiers from Hungary, and he in Finland and Sweden will say no to NATO membership.

And here are some pictures:

Speaker Esther Foliz thanked Putin for not attacking him earlier.

The demonstration was hoisted with the Russian flag. Interestingly, one of his two men holding it was a Radical Nationalist Mi He was a parliamentary candidate for Hazanq (Our Motherland) in 2022. wroteOn the question of ‘peace’ two sides on opposite ends of the political spectrum seem to have found each other.

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