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Pilgrims visit Medina after completing the Mecca pilgrimage

Jeddah: Jeddah is famous for its wonderful beaches and water activities. Flyboards are becoming more and more popular as entertainment there.

The flyboard is a surface flight device that uses propulsion to drive the board into the air to perform tricks and operations, created in 2012 by French ship rider Franky Zapata.

The technique of water hoverboarding is practiced by Layan Al-Azhari, a Saudi woman. She teaches flyboards where she finds a body of water that is deep enough to support the board and large enough to fly over it.

“I enjoy all kinds of sports. I tried horseback riding, scuba diving and flyboarding. This is my new passion,” Al-Azhari told Arab News.

“I met a flyboard instructor Mussab Felemban 10 months ago. He taught me everything I know about flyboards. Now I have a part-time job at Al-Ashoor Island Beach in Jeddah. “She said.

After Al-Azhari, a sales representative at a local bank, discovered her passion for water sports, she decided to realize the creativity of sports. She is also an instructor now.

“When I was running from my desk job, I saw people playing this game on the beach. I was surprised that they could float in the air on the flyboard, so I had to try it myself. “She said.

Al-Azhari is active on social media, especially TikTok, with over 96,000 followers in just two months. “Many women come to teach me sports on the beach, which is a great indicator that women in society are interested in playing sports,” she said.

Currently, the Saudi Arabia Water Sports Diving Federation and the Ministry of Personnel and Social Development have signed a joint memorandum aimed at promoting saudization and empowering women in the water sports and diving industry.

The agreement also aims to increase the proportion of women in the workforce through private companies engaged in diving and water sports.

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