Pilot union urges relaxation of restrictions

  • Sherry Shan / Staff Writer

The Taoyuan Pilots Union (TUP) yesterday called for further easing of restrictions when crews are off-base as many countries adjusted or eased disease prevention policies against COVID-19.

The union sent a request to the Central Communicable Diseases Command Center (CECC) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

“Since the beginning of the global COVID-19 outbreak in February 2020, Taiwanese airline crews have been subject to one-time cabin card control when they are outstations. Next flight mission,” TUP Chairman Annie Lee said in a video.

Photo: Chen Xinyu, Taipei Times

Many countries have already eased or adjusted restrictions on crew members on bases, Lee said, adding that Taiwan and China are the only countries in the world with strict disease prevention measures for crew members.

“We have collected information from other countries for CECC and CAA officials to consider,” she said, adding that the union welcomed the opportunity to discuss with officials how changes should be made.

Lee said the union conducted a survey of its members last Monday.

Of the approximately 500 members who participated in the survey, approximately 27% said they had COVID-19.

Of those infected, about 75% contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Taiwan and about 11% contracted the disease in other countries, she said.

“This shows that more crew members contracted the disease in Taiwan than in other countries. The risk of contracting the disease at home is much higher than when abroad,” Lee said. I got

“Aircrew has been subject to such strict disease prevention regulations for more than two years. The CAA really needs to consider whether such strict controls on crew members are still necessary.

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