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Glenys Hanna-Martin of Englerston MP says “take responsibility” to opponents

The Bahamas, Nassau — Opposition leader Michael Pintaldo yesterday the government took the right path and announced some good themes, but the pace of achieving substantive change is more time in optics than in substance. He said it was late because he was spending it. “.

He accused the Davis administration of being a “master of deflection” and said the government was trying to take care of those who were deprived of it by itself and take advantage of the particular story of having a conscience for the government. ..

According to Pinterd, the government has accused it of being unreliable in criticizing the opposition, although there are parliamentarians who sat in opposition before the last general election and were also part of the last Christie administration. It didn’t work, there was a scandal, or there was a problem with the administration. “

He states:

Michael Pintard of MARCO City MP, leader of the Free National Movement (FNM)

“What did they say?

“We have a joint responsibility, but now they are coming to this house and suddenly trying to convince the public that we have a conscience.

“We always had a conscience. The question is, why didn’t you speak at that time?”

Criminal accusations of misconduct and failure in some ministries and agencies under the previous administration did not address the issue and deprive him of his ability to “tell the truth to power.”

“Let Engraston say. Let Exuma say, let Cat Island Island say, all of you praised many of us for telling the truth to power.

“So how did you do that in the world? And now come here and switch games as if we weren’t standing. It’s as if we weren’t working together. I was in two provinces.

Minister of Education and Engraston MP Glenis Hannah Martin

“Go and look at those ministries and tell me if you find more than one person we sent home because they thought they were PLPs.

“Go and see, two ministries. Don’t be distracted.

“The point is that you are a master of deflection.”

This statement stirs up a reaction from Glenis Hanna Martin of Engraston MP.

In terms of order, Hannah Martin said that when members were part of the cabinet, they were jointly responsible and Pinterd should stop making excuses.

“You are responsible and keep moving,” she said.

“You came here, well, you know, I did this, and I couldn’t do it, and I wasn’t there, and it’s not me It was. You are responsible.

“Make a blow. And sometimes the Bahamian people talk and they send you home, that’s how it works.

“So, the members who come here now with an explanation of this complexity are responsible for you. That’s the role.”

Government officials will walk to Congress House in December 2019.

Pinder praised Hannah Martin for her long-standing commitment to the Bahamas, but said she was always looking for balance, but not in communication.

He said he had never seen Hannah Martin admit that PLP had done something wrong.

Hannah Martin said she didn’t know what the opposition leader was talking about, and Pinder, who was the cabinet minister in the previous administration, said, “Because of the parallelism, keep yourself away from the table you are sitting on. I have to stop. ” And “.

Pintard also accused the government of “great interest in public relations” and noted that it employs a large number of journalists in major government agencies and ministries.

He said the problem is that the Bahamian people do not need public relations, but the government is “focusing on personnel.”

After that, Prime Minister Perry Christie was seated at the center at a press conference in Bahamar held at the Cabinet Office on August 22, 2016. [PHOTO: Peter Ramsay]

He accused the government of spending a lot of time on optics, rather than being substantive to benefit its members.

Opposition members struck the desk for support.

Mr Puntard added that the government is moving too slowly towards change, and emphasized that Dorian’s victims are still leaking roofs. Some inhabitants of the storm-affected islands were still waiting for the first check for assistance.

He states:

He said the Bahamans believe that they “trust us” because the Free National Movement governs all Bahamans. Pinterd blames government for more optics than substance – Eye Witness News

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