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Pioneering black Hollywood movie star Sidney Poitier dies at age 94

Sidney Poitier, Hollywood’s first major black movie star and the first black man to win the Best Actor Oscar, died at the age of 94 and is full of sadness from the entertainment industry and beyond.
Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas, confirmed that Poichie is an “icon, hero, mentor, fighter, national treasure” and yesterday the death of a dual citizen of the United States and the Bahamas.
Stars such as Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey sent emotional compliments when the news of the death of a famous actor was reported.
“If you want the sky, write across the sky in 1000-foot-high letters … always keep the sun in your heart … Sidney Poitier RIP He taught me how to reach the stars,” said the award-winning. Written on Twitter, actor and TV Whoopi Goldberg host.
“For me, the biggest of the’great trees’ has fallen: Sidney Poitier,” writes Winfrey.
Poichie played a teacher in the harsh London grade of “To Sir, with Love” in 1967.
Poichie was born on February 20, 1927 in Miami, grew up on a tomato farm in the Bahamas, and received only one year of formal school education.
He faced poverty, illiteracy and prejudice and became one of the first black actors to be known and accepted for his major role in the mainstream audience.
Poichie carefully chose his role, filling in the old Hollywood idea that black actors could only appear in sneaky contexts such as shoeshine boys, conductors, and maids.
“I love you, I respect you, I imitate you,” another Oscar winner Denzel Washington once told Poichie at a public ceremony.
Poichie became the first black male star to be nominated for an Academy Award at The Defiant Ones in 1958, and six years later, was awarded the groundbreaking Oscar for Lilies of the Field.
During times of severe racial tension in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, Poichie balanced success and a sense of duty, with prejudices such as the classic 1967 Guess Who’s Comrade and the In the Heat of the Night. I chose a project that tackles stereotypes. ..
“No one in this business was as a North Star to me as Sidney Poitier,” said entertainment mogul Tyler Perry.
Another Oscar-winning actress, Viola Davis, said Poitier’s “dignity, normality, strength, excellence, and pure electricity … showing that we are important as blacks !!!” Said.
Poichie was awarded the Honorary Oscar in 2002 for his “extraordinary performance” and its “dignity, style and intellect” at the silver screen.
On television, he portrayed historical symbols such as South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela and the US Supreme Court’s Thurgood Marshall’s first black judge.
And in 1997, he was appointed to the ceremony as the Bahamas Ambassador to Japan.
He was awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest civilian honor of the country) by Barack Obama in 2009.
“When I learned of Sidney Poitier’s death, I was in conflict with a great sense of sadness and blessing,” said Deputy Prime Minister Cooper.
“The sadness of not being here anymore to tell him how much he means to us, but congratulating him on doing so much to show the world, most People from the humble beginning can change the world, “he added. “He will be terribly missed, but he is an unforgettable legacy.”
Poichie married his second wife, Joanna, since 1976 and had six children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Others, such as Star Trek actor George Takei, paid tribute to “a pioneer who would be mourned by the many who opened the door to Hollywood.”
“Sidney Poitier. What a groundbreaking actor. It’s unparalleled,” said Westworld star Jeffrey Wright.
“He paved the way for an actor like me. I’m grateful forever,” said veteran actor Colman Domingo.
Then, a message flowed from across Hollywood, and Bollywood star Anil Kapoor praised “my childhood idol, lifelong inspiration, and my favorite movie star.”
“I’m a great friend. Looking at Sydney, I learned a lot from how he carried himself in such elegance and class,” tweeted basketball legend Magic Johnson. “May he rest in peace.”

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