pitkalija New surveillance unit on the open market

A new monitoring unit for the pitkalija open market was launched by Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo and Maruta Foods Agency CEO Brian Vella.

Refalo added that the new unit is the first in the industry and that the new measures will raise the bar for local fruits, vegetables and fish products.

He said many are approaching him, lamenting that foreign products are being advertised and sold as local products.

The minister said the new unit is to truly draw on the mission statement of the MFA and the Ministry of Industry to make local foods better and more sustainable.

Vella said she began working on the project as soon as the MFA was announced as a budgetary measure.

He said this new unit would set the standard for fruits and vegetables, apart from ensuring that local products are really labeled.

Frequent inspections are also done on all workchains in pitkalija. Apart from this, inspectors will also be provided with the necessary training.

The new surveillance unit is also responsible for food-related laws and regulations on the farmers’ market.

Bella said the services provided to farmers and customers in the industry will also be addressed to be better.

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