PL decides vacant seats, requires joint selection in District 9, chooses Randolph Devatista

Tonight’s Labor Party has decided which seat the candidates elected in the two districts will vacate.

However, at the Prime Minister’s suggestion, there is a twist as executives also make a joint choice with Randolph Devatista.

From the decisions made, District 9 should need two extraordinary elections after PL chooses to have both Michael Falzon and Clifton Grima abandon their seats.

However, this means that all PL candidates in the area will be elected after one of the two required extraordinary elections. Rebecca Buttigieg will be the only candidate eligible to replace either Grima or Falzon.

As a result, Debattista was chosen because the second PL representative in the district needed a joint option.

The PL decision means that District 10 has been “sacrificed” by the party, in the sense that no extraordinary elections will take place here.

Former Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo attended parliament given that only Rebecca Butigeg (elected from the ninth, as explained above) had the opportunity to challenge him. All other PL contestants in the district were not considered likely to enter parliament in extraordinary elections, either already elected or with too few votes.

Debattista is the former CEO of PL and now heads the party’s online news portal. He is also a partner of Labor MEPCyrus Engerer.

Other decisions made by the secret ballot are:

Roberto Avella abandons District 5 (he was also elected District 2).

Chris Fern yields District 4 (he was also elected District 3)

Clyde Kahlua abandons District 2 (he was also elected on the 8th).

Owen Bonnichi gives up District 3 (he was also elected District 5)

Ian Borg abandons District 6 (he was also elected District 7).

Silvio Shemburi abandons District 7 (he was also elected District 6).

MiriamDalli gives ip 11th District (she was also elected on the 5th). PL decides vacant seats, requires joint selection in District 9, chooses Randolph Devatista

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