Plage Mara sets the pace to protect the beach and marine environment

I knew Plage Mara Take regular action to become one of the cleanest beach environments in the Mediterranean.

This goes against the background of the Mediterranean itself, which is generally a major challenge for environmentalists. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) or the World Wildlife Fund is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961 that is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. In 2018, they published a report showing that the Mediterranean is one of the most polluted seas in the world, emitting over 500,000 tons of plastic each year.

With that in mind, it’s exceptional Plage Mara It has a relatively good shape. It’s not a coincidence. As an example, recently, 50 volunteers (women, men, children) involved in the planet will participate in a large-scale activity to clean the beaches and seabeds of this natural dreamy environment near the Principality. became.

Of the various trash that reportedly weighs nearly 500 kg, there are few deposits from locals, visitors and local sailors. Florent Prigent is the seaside manager and coordinator of such operations at Cap-d’Ail City Hall. The fact that the city hall regularly intervenes to keep the beach and its surroundings clean has led to remarkable progress.

Cap-d’Ail also has a city council member, Virginia Guasco, who is in charge of the environment. The work of the cleanup crew has helped Mara to be a respected place for several years. Consciousness is the key, so I try to prevent garbage from falling along the coast in the first place. People are becoming more and more aware of the beauty of the place and want to keep it that way. And the theme of the environment is in front of more and more people today. The impact is starting to appear.

The awareness campaign will continue to do its utmost to disseminate information and continue to act in the youngest school, including creating a charter of good deeds.

Ocean current

Even if the people around Mara respect the environment, cleanup crews need to work to dispose of the debris carried by various climatic events and Ligurian streams.

These are mainly large parts such as those brought to Mala by various climatic events and the flow of Liguria. Even iron barriers and grills may be unbelievable. The ocean current is very strong.

The local team will succeed in cleaning up no matter what the flow brings.

The coastal communities around Monaco are well aware of the success of the impact of environmental efforts in Mala. Imitation is the best form of flattery and is suitable for the entire coastal environment around the Principality. Plage Mara sets the pace to protect the beach and marine environment

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