Playa Holy recertified as “Clean Beach”

Mayor Luis Alberto Michelle Rodriguez has received the certification and flag of Playa Holly (also known as Playa Holly). It proves clean and sustainable and provides users with quality service.

The mayor said it was a renewal of the beach’s certificate. This is “an addition to the wonderful work done by the Deputy Environment Bureau, with the participation of the people of Valalta, businessmen, hotel owners and restaurant owners, as well as the work of local governments, and our economy. And guarantees that your investment will continue to make money in this hidden paradise. “

He has designated the beach as one of the main features of this tourist destination. Therefore, this is also a call for responsibility, and each of us continues to take care of this natural treasure from our trenches, ensuring ourselves the environment, health and security, and the services it provides. By the world.

This certificate was granted by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification, and its director, Viviana Fernández Camargo, is based on the NMXAA120-SCFI-2016 standard, “representing a special awareness of their efforts and our coastal space. Communicate and create different consciousness in order to cherish. “

She pointed out that the certification system in Mexico is a very powerful tool for beach management. Some of them find it to be a clean and sustainable beach destination that guarantees the highest quality service to their users. “

In the case of beaches, certified beaches can provide a healthy and safe environment for all visitors to destinations that have just returned to pre-pandemic levels. “The continuation of our tourism industry, the protection of our sources of employment, and even the prevention of natural disasters will depend on this.”

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