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Playing cards to bring together loyal people in Arizona

Donald Trump will rally loyal people in Arizona this weekend to rehearse his groundless allegations that the US presidential election was stolen from him and repeat his well-known complaints.
After abandoning the press conference pledged on January 6, the anniversary of the invasion of the Capitol by supporters, the defeated former president returns to a sympathetic crowd.
“Many topics will be discussed,” he said in a statement on Friday. Its leader, and much more.
“A lot of people will be featured on TV. See you on Saturday night!”
Rally in rural areas outside Phoenix is ​​expected to feature Republican rafts who are willing to parrot the unfounded allegations that the 2020 elections have been amended.
This includes Calilake, which Trump recommended to the Governor of Arizona for this year’s race.
She had previously said that if she had been in office at the time, she would not have proved President Joe Biden’s victory.
There will also be Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, who has spent millions of dollars trying to overturn the election.
Trump, who lost his Twitter megaphone because of his repeated lies about polls, has been much more modest in US politics since he was kicked out of the office.
But he’s still very close to the Republicans. In Republicans, adhering to his unproven theory, or at least not publicly denying it, is often essential to the survival of members of the House of Representatives and the Legislature.
The Florence rally is the first time Trump has appeared in front of a large crowd since October, and observers monitor turnout as a measure of how much power he is still exercising at the base. To do.
Tens of thousands of supporters rushed to the venue, leading to his election victory in 2016, and throughout his presidency, and heard their man run through his dissatisfaction.
But then the crowd decreased.
Since his resignation, Trump has largely avoided fact-based media and preferred to make occasional phone calls over sympathetic outlets.
But last week he challenged the National Public Radio (NPR). He said it recommends getting vaccinated against the coronavirus (Covid-19). right.
He then shortened the interview when he was challenged with the allegations of fraudulent elections.
The rally will take place 24 hours after the Protrump TV channel OAN was dumped by the main distributor (see attached report below).
The former president has repeatedly turned his fans to outlets plotting to take a sip from Fox News-dominated right-wing audience markets.
The event was also charged with the founders of the Trump Militia Group, the founder of the far-right Oath Keepers, and instigating plots over their role in the assault on the Capitol on January 6. It is done.

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