PLN focuses on building renewable energy power plants

PT PLN Persero has prepared various mega-projects for the construction of green energy power plants to support Indonesia’s energy security and reliability.

Jakarta (ANTARA)-State utility PT PLN Persero said it would increase investment in the construction of renewable energy power plants in anticipation of a five-fold increase in Indonesia’s electricity demand by 2060.

“Electricity demand in 2060 will be 1,800 TWh (terawatt hours), expected to grow within 4.6%. This is 1,500 TWh (needs to generate additional electricity) in 2060, or this year. This means five times the demand for 300 TWh, “said Darmawan Prasodjo, Deputy Director of PTPLN, in a statement received here. On thursday.

Therefore, he said, state-owned utilities are planning to increase the capacity of renewable energy plants to bridge the expected gap between electricity supply and demand.

He said PT PLN guarantees that some older plants that are still in operation will be included in the biomass co-combustion program.

He added that he would convert fossil fuel power plants to green energy power plants to reduce the use of high-emission oil and coal.

In addition, Prasojo said the company will begin phasing out first-generation steam power plants by 2030.

Therefore, he added that all power plants will be replaced by renewable energy power plants by 2060.

“PTPLN Persero has prepared various megaprojects for the construction of green energy power plants to support Indonesia’s energy security and reliability,” Prasodjo pointed out.

Indonesia is currently generating surplus electricity, but PT PLN has promised to accelerate the fusion of renewable energies according to government plans, he said.

However, he added, he is still considering the current supply and demand situation to manage the oversupply.

He said this situation puts a strain on the company’s financial accounting, as PT PLN Persero has to pay for electricity provided by a third party, even if it is only partially used. ..

“The government has instructed us (PT PLN Persero) to pay for all the electricity generated by third parties. Therefore, care must be taken in calculating and allocating electricity supply, and the finances It won’t get worse, “says Prasojo.

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