PM: Prime Minister Erdogan must clarify his position

Prime Minister Kiriacos Mitsutakis has asked Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to clarify whether he will share the position of his junior coalition partner, Devret Bacheli. ..

“Look closely at this map. Kriti, Rhodes, Lesbos, Chios and Samos are all consumed in Turkey. Extreme heat dreams or official Turkish policies? Another provocation or real Goal? President Erdogan must clarify his position on the latest tactics of his junior coalition partner, “Mitsutakis said in an English tweet.

Indeed, Turkey’s latest provocation is more provocative in Ankara, especially given that the map in question was presented by Erdogan’s government partners, not by unidentified sources or militants. It is expected to promote Athens in an effort to inform its international audience. Even though he belongs to Turkey’s extreme politics, Baseri’s actions appear to have institutional weight because he is a member of the Cabinet.

In addition, the map clearly depicts the large islands known to the international audience, revealing changes in borders and sovereignty over Greek territory to those unaware of the conflict between Greece and Turkey. Shows what is required of. ..

Greek government spokesman Giannis Oikonmouu noted “a large gap between Turkey’s policy on international law and the treaty signed by Ankara.” Turkey insists on its extreme provocation, not a factor of stability, but provocation in both the EU and the EU “when revisionism is being criticized by the whole world” with untrue and unfounded claims. The international community, EU and NATO. “

At the diplomatic level, Athens quickly described the controversial map-based photographs of Baseri as “especially aggressive, provocative, and blameable.” According to diplomatic sources, this move is part of the extreme rhetoric escalation emanating from Ankara.

Baseri was also accused by Greek opponents, and SYRIZA’s shadow foreign minister, Giorgos Catlgaros, accused “extreme, illegal and unacceptable provocation.” PASOK President Nicos Andrewrakis said he “calls for immediate international condemnation,” but nationalist Greek resolution parties called it a direct threat to war. PM: Prime Minister Erdogan must clarify his position

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