PM promises to increase “historic” pensions in 2023

Prime Minister Antonio Costa spoke today at a conference in Lisbon hosted by CNN.

The benefits of his intervention Promises about salary increases and pensions.

Both will be adjusted for inflation and GDP growth in 2023.

For pensions The increase will be “historic”, He said for the formula stipulated by law. For example, given May’s inflation rate of 8% and this year’s estimated GDP of 4.9%, he explained that pensions could eventually increase by 8%. It will be “a significant increase in permanent public spending.” Is it sustainable? The question has not been asked or seems to have not been addressed.

Regarding rising wages in the public sector, he said these You will have to negotiate with the union.

The CNN conference in Lisbon’s Culturgest produced a lot of sound bites today (see the brief section) and, to some extent, distracted the press from the medical service crisis.

Costa “Next Week” Measures to Control Inflation “It was just promulgated by President Marcelo last Friday without the need to change the national budget.

Taking up the optimistic gray area, Expresso reporters explain PM “It goes without saying that there will be a recovery in purchasing power with the increase in 2023 in mind,” he said.

He said the 0.9% increase in public sector wages was calculated based on zero inflation in 2020. He was “surprised” by the criticisms he received following his comments on private sector employers and urged them to raise their wages by 20%.

Critics have mentioned the “huge tax burden” of the private sector, but Costa hasn’t figured out what’s wrong with private sector wages rising by an average of 22% to 23% over the last six years. Stated. He said … many would ask 22% -23%, but they weren’t there to do so at today’s meeting. PM promises to increase “historic” pensions in 2023

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