PN issues proposals to support the voluntary sector

The Kuomintang today announced several proposals to support the voluntary sector.

PN Congressmen Kevin Cutajar, Claudette Buttigieg and Ivan Bartolo have published an extensive list of party proposals for this sector. They said PN exempts VAT when voluntary organizations work on certain projects that are important to society. Tax exemptions are granted according to the exact standards developed in consultation with the voluntary sector.

They simplify and reduce the bureaucracy of the voluntary organization by ensuring that the PN has only one registry managed by the voluntary organizing committee that receives the required documents from the voluntary organization. He said he was working on that.

PN MP said the PN Government will secure a single user-friendly electronic portal that allows any entity to fill out and submit forms and information.

It also encourages voluntary organizations to self-regulate and, for this purpose, introduces financial incentives on this issue to set up more platforms among groups with similar or common functions. I will try to encourage you. In addition, state oversight will be strengthened to reassure banks and convince them to support these entities, MP said.

The PN government will strengthen the role of the Malta Council for the voluntary sector in the management and distribution of aid from national funds to organizations, MP said. Funds are provided on the basis of accurate standards developed in consultation with voluntary sectors, depending on the activities of the association. They said the PN government would ensure that social enterprise legislation was adopted and enforced in the most suitable way for unions. He also guarantees that there are financial incentives needed to encourage the establishment and operation of social enterprises in Malta, MP said.

Another suggestion is for the government to conduct national exercises to identify vacant or unused state assets and make these assets consensually available to any entity. ..

More resources will also be provided to the Voluntary Organizing Committee.

“The PN will make the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector more representative of the organization by appointing a designated representative to the Malta Economic and Social Development Council (MCESD),” they said. ..

In addition, they propose to assist local organizations by providing centers that serve voluntary organizations in the Gozo, northern, central, southeastern and southern regions of Malta. ..

In another proposal, PN stated that it would provide more resources by allocating public sector workers to all voluntary and non-governmental organizations to ensure better work. Recruited individuals are asked to give priority to any sector in which they want to provide their services.

The MP said the government’s PN would give all businesses and individuals the opportunity to donate a portion of their income to selected organizations. This will be deducted from your income tax. Tax cuts are made according to the social welfare activities of the association. PN issues proposals to support the voluntary sector

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