PN urges Contract Director to prevent abuse of power over direct orders

The director of the contracting department must exercise its statutory role as a guardian of public production rules, scrutinize government practices and limit direct orders that discourage. PN spokesperson Peter Agius, chairman of the Public Accounting Commission and Darren Carabott of PNMP said in an open letter to the director of the contracting department issued Tuesday.

“Your role is to ensure the application of laws that foresee direct orders as a last resort. Under this administration, and under your supervision, they have become the norm to the Minister. Don’t let me bend. Don’t take part in illegal activities! “

Agius and Carabott further explained how to do that The decisions of the two courts have revealed two cases of suspicious transactions by the Contracting Office, asking the Contracting Director if there are any steps taken to address the shortcomings highlighted by the court.

First case Described in the letter Learn how the Ministry of Education signed a contract directly with an organization called a “specialist group”‘Made instead of bidding.. It was pointed out that this was not in line with the procedure, as the problem was not “true urgency”.

“This is a clear example of the incompetence of the Ministry of Education, and the contract director approved the procedure, concealing the government’s shortcomings and making the office an accomplice to this illegal activity,” Agius said. .. Said Karabot..

Another decision in March – Pharma-mt Ltd. Contracts and Other Directors – said:

“The court has, or rather suspects, that someone wants to dismiss the plaintiff as an excuse, or supports EJ Busuttil Ltd. This is the main reason for disqualification, which is clearly wrong and expressly. It arose because it was inconsistent with what was provided, because it could have clarified the second reason without violating the principles of proportionality and transparency that governed the problem. ”

This comment on Agius asks in a letter if the Contracting Authority has taken steps to address these accusations.

Both MPs are now quoted Key functions of the contracting department as required by law’Public procurement to ensure compliance with these regulations and to ensure that the results of these surveillance activities are made publicly available through appropriate means of information. Monitor activity. ‘, As a way to remind the director what his duty is.

“Looking at the rulings of these courts, instead of guaranteeing that these things don’t happen, your department seems to be part of them,” Agius and Carabott said.

Both PN representatives warned: Don’t continue to be part of this!

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