Poland expels Russia-based star from national team

Maciej Rybus recently signed a two-year contract with Spartak Moscow

The deal with Russian Premier League giant Spartak Moscow has ended the international career of Poland’s left-back Machey Ribs.

The 32-year-old, who played for Lokomotiv Moscow for five years from 2017 to 2022, joined the cross-city rival Spartak on a two-year contract as part of a free transfer earlier this month. ..

After sparking domestic debate, the Polish FA announced on Monday that a 66-cap international ribs was spoken by Polish coach Czechelaw Michniewicz, who informed him of his fate.

“Last week, after the national team training camp was over, Polish national team coach Cieslaw Michnievic spoke with Maciej Rybus, who is currently in Poland.” Started short statement From the authorities known as PZPN.

“The coach has informed players that due to the current club situation, they will not be called to the national team training camp in September and will not consider teams participating in the Qatar World Cup. Team composition.” It was confirmed.

In response to the news, Spartak defended their players, Said They couldn’t comment on the Polish FA decision, but told TASS that they had full confidence in the players preparing to start a training camp with the other members of the first team.

Talking to the Polish press last week when the controversy arose, Rybus agent Mariusz Piekarski cites family reasons as the main motive behind the defenders staying in Russia.

If the Ribs family returned to Poland, their two sons, who had a Russian passport and shared it with their Russian wife, would be bullied given the historical and current tensions between the two countries. It is said that it was done.

“We know the Poles’ attitude towards Russia, but now we don’t need to confirm it. It’s enough to see what’s happening on social media.” Piekarski explanation..

“It wouldn’t be a good time if Machey came to Poland and sent the kids to kindergarten or school. The kids would hear it and move to the playground. If he was in Russia, his The family is safe. I don’t know what happened … ”

Marcin Przydacz, Deputy Secretary of Security for Poland, did not accept this, but ridiculed it on Twitter. “When it just comes, there’s nothing more embarrassing than concealing it with’family good’. [down] For a lot of money “ He further explained: “Blood money”..

“I hope the national team doesn’t have a place for him. It’s an honor to play with an eagle on his chest and only those who understand it can do it.” Przydacz more Barked..

Miknievic refused to comment on the issue as Poland was preparing for Thailand in the Nations League with Belgium, losing 1-0.

But a week later, Mihinievic kept his words, and figures such as Prusidatch now fulfilled their wishes on their rivus.

Speaking of athletics, Poland FA Emphasis The elimination of Ribs came as a result of the decision to continue trade in Russia.

But elsewhere, his former international teammates Gujegosh Krihowiak and Sebastian Simanski, “Both are willing to leave Russia.”

Midfielder Krasnodar, who joined AEK Athens until the end of last season, has a temporary FIFA rule that allows Russian-based players to unilaterally suspend contracts in the event of a dispute with Ukraine. I used it, but I still have a contract with the Russian club Krasnodar.

Now, in the Dynamo Moscow book, Simansky is linked to Real Sociedad, and the move to LaLiga keeps his hopes of a trip to Qatar 2022 alive.

At the FIFA spectacle in the winter, Poland was drawn into Group C along with Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Qualification for the tournament was achieved when Poland refused to head to Moscow to face Russia in the playoff semifinals on March 24, in protest of a military operation in Ukraine.

As Polish President Andrzej Duda called the Russians: “Thief” Poland was farewell to FIFA just before praising Poland’s FA stance on Twitter and banning Russian teams and clubs from participating in international competitions by the global governing body and European counterpart UEFA. rice field.

Five days behind the scheduled semi-finals, Poland beat Sweden 2-0 in the playoff finals. This is because I heard an anti-Russian offensive chanting on the terrace of the Silesian Stadium in Chorzow. Poland expels Russia-based star from national team

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