Police could not identify the substance that caused symptoms in three people in a Helsinki bar in July

Officers from the Helsinki Police Department have completed a pretrial investigation into a case in which three employees developed symptoms after being exposed to a substance at the Aterzi Bar, the rooftop bar of Helsinki’s Hotel Torni.

Criminal Chief Inspector Christa Granros Said Helsingin Sanomat said on Tuesday that investigators did their best to identify the substance, but neither forensic analysis nor medical sequencing failed.

Tests on the victim likewise yielded no results, According to Helsinki police.

“The samples analyzed in the forensic laboratory did not reveal a specific substance, and no substance or combination of substances that could explain the bystander’s symptoms was found in the residence of the person of interest. We were unable to perform targeted medical sequencing because we had no clues,” she explained.

Granros revealed that the symptom was caused by a woman, aged about 50, who had been pouring something into the bar from a small flask brought in. Her behavior caused the symptoms experienced by three employees. It is not believed that she deliberately disseminated the substance, although she apparently caused it.

“The substance was probably airborne. It could have been ether extracts, hygiene products, or spices,” she told the newspaper.

The incident was initially investigated as aggravated assault, harm, and criminal victimization. “If one person has asthma and another person’s actions are causing shortness of breath, it is a very serious condition,” Granros said.

Police also successfully interrogated the suspect, but she was unable to reveal more about the incident and was never found in possession of any substance designed to harm others. The previous investigation was closed after it failed to find a basis for prosecution against anyone.

“Even if her actions caused these symptoms, there is no crime here.”

Alexi Teiweinen – HT Police could not identify the substance that caused symptoms in three people in a Helsinki bar in July

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