Police enter campus upon request

Police will send troops to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to complete the construction of the library without any problems, police told Casimerini on Monday.

Early Sunday, an unknown vandal caused havoc in an area where libraries and classrooms would be built. In response, the leaders of the University of Aristotle in Thessaloniki have declared their determination to complete the project without delay, within the contractual obligations of the institution.

A senior Greek police official stated that there were no relevant requests from the university administration until Monday afternoon.

“But care must be taken to have complete control over access to the space at night,” he added.

“Police will join the contractor and stay there until the construction of the library is complete,” Takis Theodorikakos, Minister of Civil Protection, told Sky Radio on Monday. At the same time, investigations are underway to find the perpetrators of the vandalism.

University tensions and incidents began before the Easter holiday, after the Senate’s decision to build a library in a space within the university that had been occupied for years.

The first phase of work was completed in front of the riot police, with some reaction from students who opposed the renovation of the space, which had been operating as a “voluntary hangout” for over 30 years.

During Easter Week, two students, 23 and 25, were arrested for disturbing peace and damaging their property during a quarrel with police. Tensions continued after the Easter holiday, and riot forces blocked students’ access to the physical sciences department. Police enter campus upon request

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