Police fined 4,702 related to e-scooters in 2021

Police and LEAS issued a total of 4,702 violations of electronic scooters in 2021. Interior Minister Byron Camilleri said in parliament on Tuesday.

Camilleri answered a parliamentary question submitted by PN MP Graziella Attard Previ.

Most of the fines were related to the scooter being left behind as an obstacle, but there were fines related to boarding by other offenders.

In fact, according to data produced by Camilleri, of the 4,702 fines, 1,491 were issued to “drivers who bother the general public,” and an additional 1,253 were issued to “paved parking.” rice field.

An additional 724 fines were imposed for “obstruction of free passage” and 646 fines for parking the scooter on the yellow double line.

In addition, 84 people were fined for riding scooters on “roads, sidewalks, promenades”.

In terms of regionality, Sleema and St. Julian’s suffered the most from scooter-related traffic violations.

In fact, Sliema was fined 1,275, followed by St. Julian’s with 1,110 fines. In addition, 554 was published in Gzira, 532 in Msida, 273 in San Gwann, and 186 in Birkirkara.

Police have fined scooter-related crimes in a total of 27 different areas.

Regarding 2022, Camilleri said police and LEAS officials imposed a total of 128 fines on e-scooter riders between January and May.

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