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Police hacked Rona Wilson’s gadget, Dismembered Lao

A study conducted by nonprofits Amnesty International and Citizen Lab with security company SentinelOne found that police were adopting hacking tactics for political activists. The same was found to apply to the Pune police, who were watching activists Dismembered Lao and Rona Wilson.

Police around the world are using hacking tactics to monitor protesters, reveal political dissident secrets, and turn activist computers and phones into inevitable eavesdropping bugs.

In such cases in India, law enforcement agencies have been found to be involved in campaigns set up to injure activists. Authorities have gone as far as planting crime-related files on activist computers.

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The same file is then used as evidence against the target and the target is arrested. More than a year ago, a study by forensic analysts revealed that hackers created information and planted it on the computers of two activists.

The incident occurred in Pune in 2018, and since then two activists and 13 others have been accused of terrorism. Extensive research on this issue by security company Sentinel One and nonprofits Citizen Lab and Amnesty International has linked the creation of information to a broader hacking program targeting hundreds of people for nearly a decade.

This operation used phishing emails and spyware to target computers and smartphones. These operations were made possible by using hacking tools provided by the Israeli company NSO. Investigations at SentinelOne revealed a hacker-police relationship and arrested various activists based on forged evidence.

Security company investigations have linked Pune police to long-term hacking campaigns. This is what security companies call modified elephant. The main targets of the hacking campaign were Rona Wilson and Barbara Lao.

The two men are activists and are involved in the Beema Koregaon case. In this case, those charged with terrorism are called Bheema Koregaon 16. In 2021, a digital forensics company named Arsenal Consulting defendant It turns out that evidence was created for them. Reported wired.com

Rona Wilson’s computer was hacked using malware known as NetWire, adding 32 files to a folder on your computer’s hard drive. The virus also added a letter to the activist’s computer, reading that a banned Mao Zedong group was attempting to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

https://www.siasat.com/bhima-koregaon-police-hacked-varavara-rao-rona-wilsons-gadgets-2350458/ Police hacked Rona Wilson’s gadget, Dismembered Lao

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