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Police injured during a campaign against a coup in Sudan

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Medical personnel along the Sudanese protest had previously stated that violence from security forces caused 178 injuries, eight of whom were injured by bullets.

At least 48 people have died in crackdowns on protests against a coup in Sudan, medical officials say. (Mohamed Nureldin Abdullah / Reuters)

At least 58 police officers were injured during a recent series of protests against the junta.

According to a statement by the Khartoum Security Commission, 114 people were arrested and charged after Saturday’s protests, state broadcasters reported on Sunday.

Authorities also said tear gas was used only to combat attacks on security facilities and vehicles.

Medical personnel along the protest said security forces violence caused 178 injuries to demonstrators, eight of whom were injured by ammunition.

Internet and telephone communications were interrupted on Saturday, and security forces fired tear gas to prevent protesters from arriving at the presidential residence.

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At least 48 people were killed in crackdowns on protests against the coup on October 25, medical officials said.

Security forces dispersed the demonstrators violently when they tried to sit near the presidential residence last weekend. At least three protesters were killed and more than 300 were injured on Sunday.

According to the United Nations, there have also been allegations of sexual violence against female protesters, including rape and mass rape by security forces.

Arrangements announced by the military in November to revive Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock failed to stop protests demanding that the military withdraw completely from politics.

The prime minister continues to discuss finding ways to get out of the political impasse. He met with the leader of the country’s largest Umma Party on Friday, his office said.

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Source: Reuters

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