Poll: Ruling ND leads Syriza by 8%


A new poll shows the ruling New Democracy party leads the opposition SYRIZA by 8% in vote intent.

A poll commissioned by research firm Metron Analysis by TV channel Mega put New Democracy at 28.9%, while SYRIZA had 20.9%. The socialist PASOK is 11.3%, the Communist Party is 4.8%, the leftist MeRa25 is 3.6%, and the far-right nationalist Greek Solution is 3.4%.

About 1 in 8 respondents were undecided (8.9%) or did not answer (3.5%). Another said 4.6% said they would not vote and 3.8% said they would vote blank or spoiled.

Responses were little changed from Metron Analysis’s last poll in October, with New Democracy rated at 29.3%, Syriza at 20.7% and PASOK at 11.9%.

Metron analysis estimates that 36.5% will vote for the New Democracy, excluding abstainers and blank/ruined votes, with SYRIZA (26.3%), PASOK (14.2%), Communist Party (6%), MeRa 25 4.5 %, followed by Greece 4.3%.

Elections are likely to take place in the first half of 2023, and a double election is likely. Poll: Ruling ND leads Syriza by 8%

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