Pope Francis called the Buryatians and Chechens the ‘most cruel’ Russian army

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recently interview In the Catholic magazine America, Pope Francis shared some striking words about the violence in Ukraine. Because there is.

However, he shared his thoughts on the other party responsible.

When I speak of Ukraine, I speak of martyred people. If there are martyrs, there will be martyrs. When I talk about Ukraine, I talk about atrocities. Because we have a lot of information about the atrocities of incoming troops. In general, the most cruel would be people of non-Russian tradition, such as Chechens and Buryats. Indeed, it is the Russian state that invades. This is very clear.

Buryatia and War

Russian authorities responded harshly to Pope Francis’ words.Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova Said At the Federal Council Roundtable:

This is beyond Russophobia — it’s a perversion. I don’t even know my level. From the 1990s to the early 2000s, he said that it was the Russians, the Slavs, who tortured the Caucasus people, but now it is said that the Caucasus people torment the Russians.

“I would like to remind my Catholic brothers that the Bible states that all men have one Father. It’s the beginning and end of a conversation based on,” she later said. Added.

How the Kremlin Weaves Xenophobia and Racism

Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Alexander Avdeev Said He visited the Holy See’s foreign affairs department to protest the Pope’s statement. It pointed out.

In response to the Pope’s allegations that Buryat soldiers were particularly cruel, Alexei Tsydenov, chief of Buryatia, said: Said The Russian army is made up of hundreds of nationalities and fights differently. “They protect and protect civilians and treat prisoners of war with humanity and compassion,” he explained:

It is strange, to say the least, to hear assessments of the cruelty of certain nationalities, namely the Buryatians and Chechens, who protect civilians from the head of the Catholic Church. It provides many examples of cities, countries, and even whole peoples being destroyed by those who think they are.

How Russia “Protects Civilians”

The 24th Pandit Kambo Rama Damba Ayusheyev, head of the Russian Buddhist tradition Sanka, also reacted In the Pope’s words:

It was unexpected that the head of the Catholic world decided to level words unkind to us people. I don’t think Europeans with Latin traditions understand that living in cold Siberia or the Far East makes people tougher, more tolerant, and more tolerant in the face of many kinds of adversity. Our people are not cruel. Just like our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, we are repeatedly and with dignity forced to defend our homeland from fascism.

About Russia, Buddhists and War

Chairman of the Chechen parliament Magomed Davdov called Pope Francis’ statement is “primitive”.

How can a spiritual leader whose parish includes members of most of the world’s peoples allow the question of nationality to be discussed so primitively?! Constantly repeated as a farce. According to that logic, the Pope’s next statement will be the announcement of a crusade against the Russian Federation. The current pope’s medieval predecessors also declared various peoples and nations “wrong.” That’s how they avoided responsibility for the looting and murder they brought into a foreign land.

Ramzan Kadyrov, governor of Russia’s Chechen Republic and an outspoken commentator on the war in Ukraine, has not addressed Pope Francis’ remarks at the time of this writing. Pope Francis called the Buryatians and Chechens the ‘most cruel’ Russian army

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