Pope Francis: “Victor Orban told me that Russia’s plan is to end the war on May 9th.”

Pope Francis believes that a visit to Kieu is of little use for peace. He will have to travel to Moscow before that.The head of the church explained this in an interview with the Italian daily. Corriere della SeraThere he undertook his efforts for peace in the Ukrainian War.

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In an interview with an Italian newspaper Corriere della SeraPope Francis talked About the war between Russia and Ukraine and the April meeting with the Prime Minister of Hungary.

“When I met him, Victor Orban said it was Russia’s plan to end the war on May 9. This is the case and the” escalation of “of the battle we are witnessing today. Will explain “speed”. I’m pessimistic, but I have to do everything I can to end the war, “said Pope Francis.

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Prime Minister Orban: “I asked Pope Francis to support his efforts for peace.”

Prime Minister Orban:

Hungary is striving for the fastest and most peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine, Orban said.Please continue reading

He also talked about being ready to travel to Moscow to urge Vladimir Putin to end the war with Ukraine. He informed the Russian President in mid-March.

We haven’t received the answer yet, and even if Putin isn’t able to hold this meeting at this time and I’m afraid he doesn’t want to, we still insist. But why can’t we stop this atrocities? Twenty-five years ago, we experienced the same thing in Rwanda. “

Since the outbreak of the war on February 24, there have been many mediation attempts from the Vatican side. It begins with a phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky and a visit by the Pope to the Russian embassy to silence his weapons.

Francis also reportedly stated clearly that he did not want to go to Kyiv at this time. “I don’t think I’m going. First I have to go to Moscow. First I have to meet Putin. But I’m also a monk, what can I do? What can I do? If Putin just opens the door … “

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War in Ukraine: Pope’s representative arrives in Hungary

War in Ukraine: Pope's representative arrives in Hungary

Czerny leads the Vatican Department to promote integrated human development, founded by Pope Francis in 2016, and is responsible for the victims of immigration and armed conflict between other marginalized groups.Please continue reading

According to the newspaper, the Pope shook his head when asked if the Patriarch Cyril of the Russian Orthodox Church could persuade Putin to make peace or meet.

For 40 minutes in March, I talked to Cyril on video. For the first 20 minutes, he picked up a map and explained the reason for the war. I listened to him and said: I don’t understand any of this. Brother, we must not speak the words of Jesus, not the words of politics, not the national priests. “

Francis was also asked about the supply of weapons to Ukraine, basically without doubting his right to self-defense, he Said “I don’t know how to answer-I’m too far-the question is if it’s right to supply Ukrainians.”

Pope Francis welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to the audience on April 21st. This was the first time Orban had officially visited the Vatican since Francisco took office in March 2013.

Source: Man dinner, Vatican news

Featured Image: Pope Francis welcomes Prime Minister Victor Oban to a private audience in Vatican on April 21, 2022. Photos by MTI / Vatican Media Pope Francis: “Victor Orban told me that Russia’s plan is to end the war on May 9th.”

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