Pope quotes Magnani for cosmetic surgery-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 8-Wednesday Pope Francis quoted Italian actress Anna Magnani, who accused cosmetic surgery and the cult of eternal youth.

Francis criticized the weekly public audience at St. Peter’s Square for “growing the myth of eternal youth as a desperate attachment to the uncorrupted body,” and “has a lot of cosmetic work and surgery. There is a lot of intervention. “

He remembered the great neo-realist star Magnani once saying, “Don’t hide the wrinkles. It took years to get them.”

According to the Pope, wrinkles are a sign of “experience and maturity.”

“Wisdom is like a good wine, and the more it ages, the better it gets,” he said.

Regarding aesthetic medicine in general, he concludes, “Happiness is one thing, but nourishing the myths of young people is another.” (ANSA).

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