Pope says he welcomes LGBT Catholics-English

(ANSA)-On May 9, the Roman-Catholic Church does not reject LGBT Catholics, Pope Francis said on Monday.

Francis replied three questions from Jesuit father James Martin about LGBT Catholics and what he would say to one of them “rejected by the church.” Rather by “people of the church”. “The church is a mother and brings together all its children.”

“Take the parable of those invited to feast as an example:’righteous, sinner, rich, poor, etc.'” (Matthew 22: 1-15; Luke 14: 15-24).

“The” selective “church of” pure blood “is not the Church of Our Lady, but rather a sect.”

Gay Catholics are allowed to practice their religion unless they are sexually active.

The doctrine of the church says that homosexuality is an obstacle, but the Pope once famously said, “Who am I (they) judge?” (ANSA).

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