Portimao-Moroccan cruise link returns to table

The Portuguese government has not given up on a project to set up a cruise link between Portimao and the Moroccan city of Tangier. This is just one of many cross-border projects involving countries in Portugal and North Africa.

Foreign Minister João Cravinho announced at the unveiling ceremony of Loulé on May 28th. Islamic baths..

“Portugal and Morocco are working together and there are many current themes such as energy and mobility that have very important ambitions,” Cravinho told reporters.

“In terms of energy, we want to build an electrical interconnection between Morocco and Algarve and the rest of Portugal, already with green hydrogen and carbon-free energy in mind. These are Portugal and Morocco. It’s an ambition to be a great bridge between Africa and Europe and meet some of the most pressing needs of our time, “added the minister.

The proposed cruise link fits the general plan because it is “mobility-based”.

“We finally want to create a maritime link between Algarve and Tangier,” he said, and an agreement has already been signed to make it easier for Portuguese and Moroccan citizens to move between the two countries. I added that.

The latest announcement will be made after last year’s report that there are more and more plans to launch cruise connections. Unlikely to move forward..

Original work Written by Bruno Filipe Pires for the Barlavento newspaper Portimao-Moroccan cruise link returns to table

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