Portugal has five of the best master’s degrees in finance in the world.

The Nova SBE Business School near Lisbon also has the highest classification of all master’s programs in Portugal. Financial Times “Elite group”.

All five business schools in the ranking (Nova SBE, Católica, ISEG, FEP, ISCTE) have increased in rank compared to the previous year.

ISEG – Lisbon Graduate School of Economics and Business – rose 1st in 2021 to the top 35 in 34th, while Nova SBE, led by Daniel Traca, rose 3rd to 11th, the FT “elitegroup”. Won a position in.

Católica – Lisbon Business and Economics School – is currently in the top 20 with 17 and the University of Porto Faculty of Economics (FEP) is also in the rankings.

“The results of this ranking show the ambition of Nova SBE to be in the top 10 Masters of Finance in the world. Financial Times Is possible. It is a commitment we have made with Portuguese society and we are responding to it, “said Daniel Traça, Dean of the Nova SBE.

ISCTE – The Lisbon Business Institute has risen 10th and is currently in 41st place. FT list.

Finally, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Porto FT 49th in the 2022 edition.

The ranking “Masters in Finance 2022” is the 55 best finances in the world, according to 19 indicators that classify the quality of master’s and business schools according to three key factors: career progress in graduate school, school diversity, research and international. It ranks master’s degrees. experience.

Other business news Portugal has five of the best master’s degrees in finance in the world.

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