Portuguese Lendiro lawyer is thinking of bringing death to the human rights court

João Rendeiro Portuguese Lawyer He hinted that he was considering a complaint to Human rights court.

Abel Marquez Talk to an elephant in the room: 69 years old Lendiro shared his cell with 50 other serial criminals.

Westville Prison does not seem to be known to Portugal. It has Over 14,000 inmates. It is more than all inmates in all Portuguese prisons (and these are also overcrowded).

The cell, which is understood to have killed Mr. Lendiro, 80 square meters.

How could he share space with so many people and “suicide”?

Westville is reported in some reports Notorious for prisoners who live the lives of all kinds of violent crimes.. A documentary in which the Portuguese media accessed the prison is known for auctions involving newly arrived prisoners. Protection is “paid in monetary or sexual favor”When João Rendeiro has always been a targetTo prove from the threat he faced, “said Correio da Manha.

Marquez will soon meet with Lendero’s family. This probably means his wife Maria de Jesus, as he has no children. People under house arrest. The plan is to “try the best strategy,” Expresso says.

The paper states that the defense knows that it was “not satisfied with the excessive delay in the delivery process” – This was always expected.

Also, I would like to know why Mr. Lendiro was held in Westville Prison for so long.

“For South African authorities, Lendero was not a prisoner, but a person to take care of them,” a source “close to the incident” told Expresso.

In today’s drama, new information is flowing all day long.

Now June Marks, South Africa’s defense lawyer, Mr. Lendiro, Withdraw from the case – João Lendiro had no money To maintain her service.

As a result of Mr. Marks’ decision, the former banker Condemned for fraud, mismanagement, and corruptionWas scheduled to appear in court today for a successor lawyer to be assigned to his case.

end Portuguese Lendiro lawyer is thinking of bringing death to the human rights court

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