Positive response from the international community to the IMF mission statement on SL

Colombo (No.1 news); several international envoys to Sri Lanka reached staff-level agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), including the Australian High Commission, representatives of the European Union, and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave a positive response.

China and India have expressed similar views, with China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan saying China will consult with Sri Lanka for an appropriate solution and assist relevant financial institutions.

Meanwhile, India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi acknowledged that the staff agreement is in a developing state, but India is advocating support for Sri Lanka.

U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chan said the U.S. stands ready to help Sri Lanka because the IMF represents the best tools, approaches and resources to help Sri Lanka overcome its ongoing economic crisis said.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee said the IMF’s first deal was an important first step to put Sri Lanka on the road to economic stability and tackle systemic corruption.

“At present, Sri Lanka’s creditors, including China, must negotiate in good faith to provide the debt relief so desperately needed by the Sri Lankan people,” the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said.

The Australian High Commission said Australia stands ready to provide assistance in any way possible and lauded Sri Lanka for reaching a staff-level agreement with the IMF. The High Commissioner also said this was a welcome preliminary step in Sri Lanka’s economic recovery process.

the latest news Positive response from the international community to the IMF mission statement on SL

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