Post-election reports said the losses would have been even worse if the general election was called later – Eye Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau — A report commissioned by the Free National Movement (FNM) to analyze the reasons for the significant defeat in the polls in the early elections last September, if the vote was later called, Loss “revealed that it could lead to” deeper “.

In a poll on September 16, 2021, the Progressive Liberal Party won 32 of the 39 seats.

The U.S.-based company, which produced the post-election report, called for elections at any time with a global pandemic underway and economic outlook “deeply concerned”, with most observers being the prime minister. “Make the best possible call from both a leadership and political standpoint.”

“Given the economic signs of the time and now, waiting for an election call from a purely political point of view is likely to lead to even more serious losses,” the report reports.

Progressive Liberal Party leader Phillip Davis stands with his wife Ann and grandson in giving an election victory speech at Cat Island.

“We don’t always know that the timing of the elections was fine, coupled with the fact that the current economic crisis required voters’ duties.”

Minis explained that the government was familiar with what he called the perfect storm he was brewing: a virus and economic pandemic, and severe inflation, including fuel prices.

He said his administration “knew how we would handle it, but we needed a new mission.”

The report said whether the then prime minister should blame the defeat of the election.

“If the party is defeated, right or wrong, the leader is responsible.

“Is it fair in this case?

On Wednesday, August 18, 2021, police chief Paul Roll, the military police commander, will read a declaration from the governor-general condemning Congress on the steps of the Parliament Building.

“It’s not perfect.

“It’s clear that having a front row seat in this has given the prime minister a tough hand, as he tries to go against more than 20 years of history by being reelected each turn. Demanded to try to lead the country during the extraordinary challenge.

“Important choices may have been made more quickly. Yes.

“Maybe more decisive political action has made the flow of operations and communication easier.

“But these come at the expense of the public service side, which could have been a problem as well.”

Fatal flaw

According to the report, poll data reflect that the prime minister had a very large number of voters and was “exceptional” when compared to PLP leader Phillip Davis.

Those voters said it turned out to be “a very different story,” but there was a “superb and historic” decline in voter turnout.

A total of 194,526 voters registered for voting, with turnout exceeding 126,000. This is a 65% turnout compared to the 87% turnout of the 2017 general election, where FNM won 35 seats.

From left to right, this photo combination shows Prime Minister Hubert Minis and opposition leader Philip Brave Davis.

According to the report, the votes cast were wrong, but for certain reasons there was a “change in voter behavior” vote, and focus groups did not ask if participants could vote. I made a fatal flaw.

Historically, turnout was around 90%, but it is no longer possible to estimate high turnout based on past elections.

“In reality, undecided independent voters remain consistently pro-Minis / FNM and anti-Davis / PLP across 12 polls and focus groups from two different and highly respected pollsters. Please read the report.

“The fatal flaw in polls was that the question was never asked.” Can you vote? “

“The 45-year turnout statistics asked the question,’Are you registered to vote?’

“In other elections before this one, that would have been correct and sufficient.

“It wasn’t in this.”

Intel Cay polling data, reflecting more than 2,500 participants in August 2021, showed that the minis had an approval rate of 47, which is higher than Davis’s 30% approval rate. Percent compared to 30 percent.

Future victory

According to the report, FNM may have been defeated last September, but “if the party does what it needs to do, much of this will be reversed in the next four years.”

In the fall of 2020, the Digital Media Campaign was launched, implementing a national campaign messaging strategy across social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and across apps and websites via mobile phone targeting.

He said the long tail campaign did not work in the Bahamas and that he needs to devote most of his efforts to the grassroots campaign in the future to save the “aerial warfare” and swift response of the last 10 weeks of the campaign.

The report showed that FNM launched a broadcast wave and advertising campaign in the fall of 2020.

He also recommended a party reform operation, emphasizing that the lack of a clear organization at the constituency and grassroots level lost three to six seats in parliament.

“Party activities should only focus on building and maintaining the activities of long-term grassroots members,” read the report.

“One shortage in 2021 was a big blow.

From an election perspective, he said deviations from that sole priority were distracting and could be fatal in polls.

He added that voting and data research need to focus on “potential to vote” as well as voter registration. Post-election reports said the losses would have been even worse if the general election was called later – Eye Witness News

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