Post-infection boosters add little additional benefit compared to Omicron

Third dose of mRNA vaccine from Pfizer among people who have previously been infected with the coronavirus PFE.N/ BioNTech 22UAy.DE Or Moderna MRNA.O New data suggest that the virus may not enhance its defenses against Omicron variants.

Researchers surveyed approximately 130,000 people who were tested for COVID in Connecticut between November 2021 and January 2022. This includes 10,676 people with Omicron infections.

According to the report, about 6% to 8% were infected with previous versions of the coronavirus. Report posted on medRxiv Prior to peer review.

Margaret Lind of Yale University found that a second dose of the mRNA vaccine helped protect previously infected people from Omicron, but “an additional benefit of receiving a third boost in this population was detected. It wasn’t done. “

Another study from Canada Posted on medRxiv Prior to peer review, we also discovered that more than two doses of vaccine could be “a slight increment” to protect previously infected individuals from Omicron.

“(1) You need to get two mRNA vaccines, whether or not you have been infected in advance, and (2) you need to give a booster to those who have not been infected in advance,” said Lind. 3) Previously infected individuals may need to consider booster immunization, especially if they are in a group at high risk of life-threatening complications, but may not provide significant additional protection against more than one infection. Please be aware that there is sex. “

(Reuters) Post-infection boosters add little additional benefit compared to Omicron

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