Pre-election campaign period begins in Latvia / article

During this period, campaigners, the media, and other stakeholders will use the procedures established for conducting pre-election campaigns, including the placement of materials in the media, public places, the Internet, and electronic media. You must comply with the restrictions. To ensure a fair competition for all candidates.

Election campaigners, including political parties, their organizations, and candidates, conduct paid pre-election campaigns only at advertising service providers registered with the Anti-Corruption and Combat Bureau (KNAB) or the National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP). I can. All prices submitted by KNAB’s advertising service provider are Institutional website ..

Confidential campaigns are prohibited, typically undeclared payments for compensation or approval.

If the public suspects or has evidence of a secret campaign, improper use of management resources, or other breaches, they may be reported at KNAB Helpline 8072070 or in writing at the following address: increase. [email protected] ..

The next parliamentary election will be held in Latvia and will determine the composition of 14 peopleth Saeima will be held on October 1, 2022 and will elect 100 members of parliament over the next four years.

Latvian citizens over the age of 18 have the right to vote, but Latvian citizens over the age of 21 can run as candidates for the Saeima election.

Submission of candidates for parliamentary elections will begin in 1980th Up to 60th The day before the election day, that is, the 14th from July 13th to August 2ndth Saeima election.

The candidate list can be submitted by more than 500 registered political parties established up to one year before the election. If the candidate list is submitted by a political party association (with multiple parties participating), the political parties to which it belongs must also be established at least one year before the election and the total association must be at least 500. member.

There are five constituencies: Riga, Vidzeme, Ratgare, Kurzeme and Zemgare, and a designated number of Saeima members are elected from each constituency, determined by the Central Electoral Commission according to the number of voters in the constituency.

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