Preliminary report on Long Island crash released

Preliminary report on June 5th A plane crash on Long Island, which killed a woman, revealed that both the left and right engines had crashed shortly after takeoff. However, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Pilots reportedly conducted a pre-flight check of the Piper Navajo aircraft before taking off from Deadman’s Kay Airport at around 9:05 am.

“The pilot also said he observed a warning light indicating low oil pressure during the ascent phase and shortly after the aircraft’s gear retracted,” the report said.

“Shortly thereafter, at about 200 feet, the left engine power began to drop significantly. I tried to return to the airfield. Shortly thereafter, the proper engine power also began to drop.

“The pilot said he advised passengers to prepare for the impact at that moment. A terrain alert may sound on board. Both the pilot and a few passengers until the aircraft touches the surface of the water. Confirmed that the alarm was heard throughout the accident sequence.

“The aircraft made contact with some trees before hitting the ground and rested about 75 feet after the first contact with the trees.”

Reportedly, the crash site was densely located about two nautical miles from Deadman’s Kay Airport.

“The pilot and five passengers were able to get off the aircraft after it stopped,” the report continued. A female passenger sitting in the backseat of the aircraft found another passenger lying about five feet from the rear door of the aircraft as she disembarked.

“She seemed unconscious and the pilot helped with another passenger. Initially, she seemed to float in and out of consciousness and later suffer. Lifesaving measures, including CPR, were used. All attempts failed and she subsequently succumbed to the injuries she suffered as a result of the crash sequence.

“The deceased female passenger was later sent to Nassau, where an autopsy was performed on June 9, 2022 to determine the cause of death. According to records obtained from the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the pilot Airplane Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL)-Rating of single and multi-engine land and instrument planes. Also, according to records obtained from the FAA, pilots have a prestigious medical certificate issued in May 2016. I did. “

“As a result of the accident, pilots and five passengers were injured to varying degrees … After being seen by long island medical personnel, surviving passengers were airlifted to Nassau, the Bahamas for further medical treatment. I added.

Four of the passengers were seriously injured.

Survivors were identified as pilots Brad McPhee, Near Bethel Sears, Leanka Rigby, Patzi Higgs, Rhiannon Thompson, and Alicia Roll.

Aleitheia Newbold (22 years old), who had a 6-month-old daughter, has passed away.

According to the report, the accident aircraft will be recovered from the scene and transported to the United States, where AAAIA investigators and aircraft (airframe) and engine manufacturer investigators will conduct further inspections and analysis to determine the cause of the accident. Preliminary report on Long Island crash released

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