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… Requesting an investigation into the murder of a member of parliament

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Lakshman Perella, chairman of the Colombo High Court Bar Association, said yesterday (13) that the fate of Sri Lanka depends on the success of continued efforts to stabilize the economy.

Attorney Perella said all parties, including civil society representing both inside and outside the parliament, should be aware that the country is in very bad shape if the bid to establish a provisional government fails.

Perella was asked if she had approved UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as prime minister as chairman of the Colombo High Court Bar Association. membership.

However, Perella acknowledged the responsibility of all stakeholders, both inside and outside the political mainstream, to reach a viable agreement on a developing economic-political-social crisis.

Officials unleashed violence on Monday (09) in police areas of Korpitiya and Fort, demanding the resignation of all ministers, including President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Prime Minister, and retaliation attacks at various levels of political power. People exercising.

Attorney Perera said the explosive situation caused by a provocative attack by those attending a meeting chaired by then-Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa would not be immediately reached by an agreement on a political solution. He said he was threatening to destroy him.

The association condemned the attack on the masses protested by the Sri Lanka People’s Liberation Front (SLPP) in a statement released by President Lakshman Perera and Secretary Saras Ekanayake before Wickle Mesinge’s oath as Prime Minister.

Estimated 150 people were injured in the indiscriminate attack and blamed Colombo police for failing to thwart the Temple Tree project. Lawyers alleged that police were irresponsible for their actions and therefore guilty of what they called improper performance of duties.

The bar association questioned the police’s failure to anticipate serious security disruptions as a result of such a large rally at Temple Tree and to receive advance warnings from intelligence agencies.

In their most recent criticism of the police, the Colombo High Court Bar Association argued that the Colombo police did not enforce the law, but rather shyly served the interests of the Temple Tree.

Following the intervention of Attorney General Sanjaya Rajaratnam, the IGP CD Wickremaratne instructed CID’s DIG to investigate the May 9 incident.

Commenting on police and special task forces (STFs) deployed at Temple Tree on the day of the incident, lawyers claimed that law enforcement officials had turned a blind eye to brutal attacks on protesters. Lawyers claimed that they intervened only after the first wave of attacks, urging the IGP to take responsibility and resign immediately.

Lawyers argued that the attack may have been prevented by an IGP.

Further escalation warnings of the protest, a group of lawyers declared that they did not trust Plazanna Ranatunga, who was Minister of Public Security at the time of the case, unless dealing with growing public dissatisfaction.

Rana Tunga took over the retired Maj. Gen. Saras Weerasekera at the last cabinet meeting.

They claimed that Rana Tunga lacked the ability to handle the May 9 attack that caused a series of incidents outside the northern and eastern states. The mob set fire to Rana Tunga’s residence in Gampaha.

The association also emphasized the government’s responsibility to investigate the killings of Polonnaruwa district SLPP member Amarakertia Tucolale and his police bodyguards in the Nittan Buwa police area.

The murdered MP was on his way home after attending a Temple Tree meeting when a vigilant intercepted his car.

The association has six demands: (1) resignation of the IGP, (2) legal action against the senior DIG in charge of Deshabandu Tennakoon, Western Province, and (3) the May 9 attack on those demanding a change of government. Declared a transparent and thorough investigation into. (4) Fully cooperate with HRCSL (Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission). (5) Establish the rule of law. (06) Implementation of international documents related to the Constitution and human rights.

Warning that the people are suffering as a result of the disastrous failure of the party system, the association said the situation would be exacerbated if those in power tried to protect their interests at the expense of national interests. Stated. The association has declared that it will not hesitate to support what is called a progressive movement to establish democracy and the rule of law in case the current party system continues to ruin the country. President asks SJB if he wants to join the interim cabinet – Island

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